iDesk Solution

iDesk Solution is a revolutionary Time & Attendance Solution. No more worries to have a seperate wall space for Biometric attendance device or pulling cables/wiring to your biometric devices. iDesk Solution is an Advance, Compact & Easy to use solution. iDesk is powered by SYNCTIME application that allows you to see your employes attendance data on the real time. Wether you have a single store or multiple branch office across the world, Moniter and Manage your employees attendance from centralised location with just few clicks.

Wether you have a single store or multiple branch office, easily manage your employees attendance data from SYNCTIME Desktop/Web Application.

Whether you own a Small Store or a Big office, now no more worries about having a dedicate space for your biometric device. Don't wait for an electrician to drill a hole in the wall and install your device. Just Buy, Plug & Start Marking your ATTENDANCE. I desk is a complete Hassle Free Attendance Solution.

iDesk is easy to maintain and Premium solution. Forget about renewing your Annual Maintainance Contract.